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The wholly Metropolis of Messenia, from its founding to this day operates daily a General Fund for Poverty, which offers monthly aids to poor and suffering citizens and financial support to patients for their medical expenses. The Holy Metropolis has always stood next to the community, through the General Fund for Poverty in times of need.
The General Fund for Poverty was founded, with a deed made public in the 281/16-9-1946 edition of the Greek Government Bulletin, thanks to the care and personal contribution of the Late Metropolis of Messenia Chrysostomos (Daskalakis). With Resolution 38/08 of the Most Reverend Metropolitan of Messenia Chrysostomos (Savvatos), it was modified and reinstated as a new service of the Holy Metropolis of Messenia, under the title "GENERAL FUND FOR POVERTY", operating under a special Regulation, approved by the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece and published in the 2070/7-10-08 edition of the Greek Government Bulletin.
Under the General Fund for Poverty operate 37 County Poverty Funds, from the Counties of Kalamata, Messini and other Municipal Centres and main cities.

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